What we offer in rail

Ballast Regulators

Supporting our tamping fleet is a series of ballast regulators. These are available across broad, standard and narrow gauges.

Overhead Wiring Plant

We provide a number of narrow, standard, and broad-gauge machines for the construction and maintenance of overhead wiring systems.

Rail Transposer

Our Trac Rail Transposers (TRT) safely transport, remove, and install rail. It accommodates various rail profiles and gauges. A pair of TRTs handles rail up to 216 meters long. Experience secure rail operations with our TRTs.

Road-Rail Vehicles

We have an extensive range of hi-rail excavators varying from 5 to 22 tonnes. We also have various excavator attachments to assist with piling, such as the MOVAX piling hammer and a side grip sheet pillar. In addition, we provide a variety of hi-rail trucks to suit your specific needs. Choose from flat top, scissor, crane, and flash-butt welding carriers.


We have an extensive fleet of modern tamping machines, from high-production to switch and crossing machines, to meet the requirements of broad, standard and narrow rail gauges.

Turnout Installation Equipment

Our PEMs and LEMs are efficient and safe for replacing and installing turnouts.